Our Classes

WHGF offers gymnastics classes for youth from preschool through age 17 at our locations in Harlem, NY and Detroit, MI. Classes are offered at two levels:

The Community Gymnastics Program

This an introduction to gymnastics and a beginner gymnastics program. Students will begin to learn a higher level of structure in this class. Choreography-based warm-up routines are taught to fine-tune performing as a group.  Instruction includes development of fundamental gymnastics skills (handstands, backbends, and cartwheels) and drills for more advanced skills.  Students will also learn rhythmic gymnastics and tumbling to become well-rounded gymnasts. In addition, exercises will be taught for students to perform on their own to increase muscle memory skills.

Intermediate Class

The Intermediate class is a stepping stone for our pre-team and team program, and is invitation-only. It adjusts students to more extended gymnastics practice. In this program, with the help of our head coaches, gymnasts begin to hone in on the gymnastics discipline that best complements their skills and talents. Intermediate practices are once a week for 1.5 hours.