The staff at the WHGF is everything!

The highly trained gymnastics instructors do so much more than teach great and safe gymnastics. They are dedicated to our mission and reflect the demographic of the youth that we serve. Most were competitive gymnasts, which means they spent years developing their craft. The ability to teach gymnastics takes another level of commitment. Coaching and working at the WHGF also requires a level of sensitivity and awareness of the challenges that many of our students may be dealing with outside of gymnastics. Performance gymnastics is a hallmark of the WHGF, allowing our students to express themselves through music, dance, and gymnastics. The WHGF Alumni and current staff have performed on Broadway, nationals tours, renowned dance companies, Cirque du Soleil, and in movies and television shows.


Wendy Hilliard –  Founder/CEO
Jocelyn Perusina – Administrative Director
Doria Josma  – Development Manager
LaTasha Washington – Detroit Program Manager
Stacey Carlson – Operations Manager
Somer Alston – Gymnastics Supervisor

Pam Majumdar – Director of Social Media
Nicholas and Lence – Public Relations
Janneh Wright – Finance
Osei Boateng – Grants
Peter Bertuglia – Accounting

Susan Fulwiler – Development Consultant
Eric Bertuglia – Payroll
Josh Dixon – Marketing Consultant
Fabu Cox – Gymnastics Consultant
Danny Lazarre – Gym Administrative Assistant/Coach

Jocelyn Perusina

LaTasha Washington


Dennis Rivera Lopez – TnT Head Coach, Choreographer
Heather Edwards – TnT Head Coach
Sofia Mahdavi – Gymnastics Instructor
Madison Valentin – Gymnastics Instructor
Kadeem Campbell – Gymnastics Instructor

Asta Lowe – Gymnastics Instructor
Ida Lowe – Gymnastics Instructor
Delvarie Moore – Gymnastics Instructor
Chelsea Taylor Moore – Jr. Gymnastics Instructor, Summer Camp
Aries Wickham – Jr. Gymnastics Instructor

Isabella Crowell – Jr. Gymnastics Instructor
Cicely Warrington – Volunteer Instructor
Lea Gould – Volunteer Instructor
Julia Brody – Volunteer Instructor

Our TnT head coach, Dennis Rivera-Lopez, is a former WHGF team member from Harlem who competed at the highest levels of the sport.

Dennis Rivera-Lopez


Dayna Davies – Gymnastics Instructor
Tyeisha Eason – Gymnastics Instructor
De’Ja Stokes – Gymnastics Instructor

Sydney Kispert–Bostick – Gymnastics Instructor
Dayna Davis – Gymnastics Instructor
Janiya Norman
– Jr. Gymnastics Instructor

Ke-Nita Oneal – Gymnastics Instructor
Sara Strzalkowski 
– Gymnastics Instructor
Doreon Norman – Equipment Mover
Alton Bezmore – Equipment Mover

WHGF Detroit Staff