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Expat Wendy Hilliard grows gymnastics foundation in Detroit (Crain’s Detroit Business)

Wendy Hilliard talks to Stephen Henderson with Detroit Public TV (February 2019)

Wendy Hilliard expands free, low-cost gymnastics program for urban youth (Fox 2 Detroit, February 2019)

Hilliard foundation to offer gymnastics through Detroit transit program (September 2018)

See photos of practice at our Detroit facility!

FOX 2 Detroit: Hall of Famer Wendy Hilliard launching low-cost gymnastics program in Detroit (JAN 2017)


Eye on Detroit (OCT 2016)

Crainโ€™s Detroit Business:
Hall of Fame gymnast Wendy Hilliard considers state fairgrounds site in Detroit for gymnastics program (SEPT 2016)

The Detroit News: Ex-gymnast, Detroit native starts city program (SEPT 2016)


Daily Detroit: Detroit Gymnast Wendy Hilliard Brings Affordable Gymnastics Programs to Her Hometown (SEPT 2016)


Michigan Chronicle: Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation Vaults into Detroit (SEPT 2016)


New York Sports Connection Q&A


Kolumn Magazine: Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation Vaults intro Detroit (SEPT 2016)


SIMPLY JESSICA: Wendy Hilliard expands her foundation to Detroit (JULY 2016)


Michigan Chronicle: Wendy Hilliard, Lynette Love awarded Cass Tech Top Athletes of the Century (MAY 2016)


Gymnastics News Network: Wendy Hilliard to Open a Second Sports Center in Detroit


Michigan Chronicle: The healing power of sport: Native Detroiter to bring gymnastics in Detroit (SEPT 2015)


Black Enterprise: The Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation Expands to Help a Community in Need (SEPT 2015)

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