Dave Green and Flip City – legends indeed!

The impact of Dave Green’s leadership at Flip City was immense on so many levels. For the world champions, for putting Newark on the sports map, and for providing an outlet for youths that set them on a path to lead constructive and productive lives.

Here are just a few standout achievements:

– The Flip City Tumblers won a record 19 National Tumbling Team Championships (11 times in a row!)

– Dave was selected as the U.S. National Coach 12 times. He was selected as the National Coach of the year twice. In 2015, he was inducted into the World Acrobatics Society’s Legend Hall Of Fame.

– The last time the United States won the World Championships both as a Team and individually, Dave was the U.S. coach and four of the five members of the U.S. team were from Flip City.

I always look to the success of Flip City and the trailblazing work of Dave Green. I often reach out when I need advice for my foundation.

Watch a clip from last year’s (2021) interview with Dave

– Wendy